1. Cosigning – Moorpark Property Management

Moorpark Property Management says, be sure to take additional precautions when co-signing a lease for someone.

This also generally means vouching for the other person. Furthermore, this means co liability for any issues with the rental property.  From rent payments, late notices and even evictions.

If you default on your rent, the landlord can also set judgements to have your wages garnished.

Cosigning can also do damage to your credit if anything goes wrong.

By cosigning, you are agreeing to assume liability for the rent being paid in a timely manner.

Make sure  you are certain that you can trust the person who your co signing for.  It is also important to make sure the other party is ready to  step in and take responsibility and liability.

2. Joint Accounts

Moorpark Property Management says,  make sure you think about all opportunities when getting to a joint account with someone who has a less than decent credit history.

While this is not recommended, in some cases, it can be advantageous so you have somewhat of control to make sure the rent is always covered.

3. Not Just Having One Credit Score

Moorpark Property Management is aware that everybody else’s credit score is not a solitary quantity.

This depends on where you are inquiring your credit from, actually having as many as three different scores to represent your credit score shows you are responsible with your finances with all three credit bureaus.

You could be assured all the sources will likely have similar scores.

4. Generally, there are 3 categories that effect your credit score

The first is account activity.  Days late, paid on time, paid off or charged off.

Secondly, if you have any liens, this could appear on your credit report.

Third, credit queries can also effect your scores.  Putting personal information such as address, age, sex, race, etc. is going to impact your  score.

5. Making Monthly Rent Payments

This is building a track record to reveal enough responsibility to staying consistent when paying rent and establishing a rental history.

It would be rare to have a landlord  report your rental history to the credit bureaus but having a history of on-time rental payments can help if you need to move.

6. Each and Every Time Your Credit Score Is Ran

Each and every time that your credit is ran, you risk lowering your score.  Having your credit report readily available might deter a landlord from running  your credit.

Overall, you want to pay close attention to your credit and who is running it or inquiring about it.   A co-signer, if you were fortunate to have one, would be able to slowing take themselves off the lease and not regret co-signing for you.

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